2018 Winter High School Basketball

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2018 Winter High School Basketball

The league is closed and the teams are finalized! Game schedules will be posted by the day’s end on December 12. First game night is scheduled for the 15th of December for the 11th/12th grade division. First game night for the 9th/10th grade division is scheduled for the 18th of December. REMEMBER!!! Each team is responsible for their own uniforms, and a scorekeeper. Every team has to have a volunteer scorekeeper for all of their games.





Join our annual competitive boy’s high school league. Participants will form their own 5×5 team with a
minimum of 8 players per team.
AGES: 9th-12th grade
COST: Members $43, non-members $63
DATES: Dec. 1-Feb. 23
DAY & TIME: TBD after Captains meeting
CAPTAINS MEETING: Dec 1 at 6:00pm, upstairs the commons area at the Y.
Captains must be present to secure team’s spot in the league and have a minimum of 8
New Divisions! 9/10th grade and 11/12th graders will play against each other in separate
divisions. 9/10th graders may play up if their team requests it.
For individuals who sign up for the league, team placement is not guaranteed.
A late fee of $20 will be applied to all registrations submitted after Dec. 7, 2017.
Teams are responsible for their own uniforms and a score keeper at every game.