2019 Winter Winter Youth Basketball

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2019 Winter Winter Youth Basketball


Children will develop basketball skills including passing, shooting, and dribbling, in a positive and structured environment. Children can improve their technique, as they build social skills, gain confidence and develop leadership skills. Dedicated volunteer coaches are trained to set expectations, and help kids find their strengths and advance their skills.

AGE: Kindergarten through 8th grade

DATES: Jan. 12-March 9

Cost: Members $68, non-members $113

SKILLS DAY: Saturday, Jan. 12 at the YMCA in the Fortin Gym for ALL PARTICIPANTS!

Participants’ skills are evaluated for team selection.  The YMCA strives to create balanced and fair teams.

PRACTICE SITES: Practice sites must be selected at time of registration.  Options for 1st – 4th grade students are Boulder Elementary, Eagle Cliffs, Alkali Creek, Beartooth Elementary, or the YMCA. Kindergarten and 7th/8th grade and up will always practice at the YMCA. Harvest Church will be available for 3rd through 6th graders.

NEW! Boys and Girls divisions at all levels except Kindergarten! Registration is limited at all sites; please register early to secure your practice location.


  • Tuesday nights: Kindergarten – 2nd grade Fortin Gym, YMCA
  • Thursday nights: 3rd through 8th grade, Fortin Gym, YMCA.
  • Harvest Church teams: Tuesday nights, depending on your registration for 3rd through 6th graders only.
  • Boulder Elementary: Tuesday nights 1st through 4th graders
  • Eagle Cliffs Elementary: Thursday nights 1st through 4th graders
  • Alkali Creek and Beartooth Elementary: Wednesday nights 1st through 4th graders
  • Kindergartners and 7th / 8th graders will always practice at the YMCA in the Fortin Gym
  • Practice site needs to be selected at the time of registration. Space is limited at ALL practice locations, so register early to secure your spot.
  • All games will be held on Saturdays in the Fortin Gym, YMCA.

*Teammate requests will be evaluated and considered at the time when teams are being formed.  It is not guaranteed that the kids will be placed on the same team.  Only extreme circumstances will be considered.