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April 1, 2017 GAME UPDATE

Parents, participants, and coaches

Due to some construction needs at I.D. Pennock we will need to make some changes to the April 1 games. Below you can find all of the information. You will also receive a hard copy of the same info as well as an email. These changes are also refelcted on the Y Gametime schedule as well.

Please, if you have any questions contact us immediately.

4.1.17 Location Change ((Morning games moved to Northeast YMCA))
9:00am NEB Nets vs IDP Sixers
9:00am NEB Bucks vs IDP Magic
10:10am IDP Sixers vs IDP Heat
10:10am NEB Wizards vs IDP Warriors
11:20am NEB Pacers vs NEB Pelicans
11:20am IDP Pacers vs IDP Kings

5.13.17 Date/Time Change ((Afternoon games from 4.1.17 moved to morning on 5.13.17 at I.D. Pennock))
9:00am NEB Bulls vs IDP Nets
9:00am NEB Knicks vs IDP Celtics
10:10am NEB Pelicans vs NEB Heat
10:10am NEB Warriors vs NEB Lakers
11:20am IDP Thunder vs IDP Spurs
11:20am NEB Suns vs IDP Rockets
12:30pm NEB Jazz vs IDP Wolves
12:30pm NEB Celtics vs IDP Lakers

2017 Spring Jr. NBA Spring League


Week 1 game day is upon us,
Saturday March 18th, first games start at 9:00 am
All games this season will be at IDP
Jerseys will be waiting for our players
Please make it to your game a little bit early to receive
Jr NBA Uniforms!
See you there!

2016 Winter Jr. NBA Youth Basketball League


We have a great tool available that will allow us to communicate the right information at the right time! Make sure to sign up for Text Alerts for your Sport and League so you can be up to date on any last minute changes.

2016 Winter Jr. NBA Youth Basketball League


Here at the YMCA and Jr NBA,
We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!
We will not have games Dec. 24!
We will pick up next week before the New Year,
Next game day is Dec. 31!

2016 Winter Jr. NBA Youth Basketball League


Game day is upon us and teams are ready.
It is Saturday the 14th and the gym is prepped.
I.D. Pennock, downtown is where,
All of the Jr. NBA Hoopers should be there!
First game tips off at 9:00am!

Branch Announcement


We are excited to introduce YGametime! You will find Sports, Leagues and Schedules, along with other Y information, at your fingertips. It has many great features that were previously unavailable. This will give you, the coaches and parents of these great kids, the information you need instantly!

Branch Announcement

'16 JR NBA - WEEK 1

Week 1 of the Jr NBA basketball league is upon us.
Practices are getting under way, Jerseys have arrived.
This Saturday, Dec. 17th at the ID Pennock Branch,
Team Introduction Ceremonies will be held and
games will be getting under way.

Be sure to make it to practice to receive your uniforms
and check with Y Gametime for the game schedule.

Branch Announcement


Be sure to sign up for Ygametime text alerts!
With extreme weather, stay up to date with your location!
We will update if any weather affects times,
click alertsignup at the top of the page to register.

Branch Announcement


Just a quick reminder to all
Jr NBA Coaches, Parents & Players.
All games this week, Sat. Jan. 7th,
will be at the Northeast Branch YMCA
8451 Orth Rd, Loves Park, IL 61111

Branch Announcement


As the Winter session of the YMCA
Jr NBA winds down with 3 game days left,
We want to remind everyone,
We will have a Spring session to follow up
Click the Link below to sign up now!
Participants of the Winter Session are eligible for a special promotion!
Contact Rob or Tori for more details!

Branch Announcement


Just a quick reminder to all
Jr NBA Coaches, Parents & Players.
All games this week, Sat. Jan. 28th,
will be at the Northeast Branch YMCA
8451 Orth Rd, Loves Park, IL 61111

Branch Announcement


Please note:
The February 4 games at Northeast YMCA has been relocated to ID Pennock YMCA. Game times will remain the same. We are moving the games due to spacing, awards and end of season celebration.

Thank you for understanding. Coaches, can you help spread the word?

Branch Announcement

End of season SURVEY

Please take a minute or so to complete the survey. The survey is 100% anonymous and does not require any sign ups. Simply CLICK the link below to open the survey.

Thank you,

Branch Announcement

Sign up for the 2017 Jr NBA Spring Session

Everyone, make sure to visit your local YMCA branch or the website to sign up for the 2017 Spring session of Jr NBA.

Practices start the week of March 6, so act fast!

Branch Announcement

Men's Sunday Basketball League

We will kick off the men's Sunday basketball league on Sunday, March 5. The league will play on Sunday's at Northeast Family YMCA between the hours of 2pm-5pm. Regular season runs March 5-April 23 with a single elimination tournament April 30-May 7.