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2018 Spring Spring Jr. NBA Basketball

Hello all,

We wanted to inform you that the game schedule has changed, so make sure you double check it to be sure that you make it to your game on time!

Also, we have game at the Northeast branch this Saturday!!!

Thank you for all your help and patience this season!

2018 Spring Spring Jr. NBA Basketball

Afternoon all!

Due to the roofing repairs happening here at the SwedishAmerican Riverfront YMCA (IDP), practices tonight will be canceled only for the teams that practice at the IDP Branch. Sorry for the short notice.

Thank you,


2018 Spring Spring Jr. NBA Basketball


Spring season of Jr. NBA is winding down to end in three weeks, but the kiddos can continue playing throughout the summer in our Youth Summer Basketball League! Registration for that is now open and you can contact Ray Lantz at the NEB branch or Taylor Kirk at the SwedishAmerican branch with questions or registrations.

Hope to see you all in the summer!

2018 Spring Spring Jr. NBA Basketball


Due to the incoming weather, all practices at the SwedishAmerican YMCA Branch is canceled for the night.

Thank you!

2017 Winter Winter Jr NBA Basketball

Due to the storm out East, delivery on the basketball shorts is slowed down, so we will not be receiving the shorts this week. Parents, you will need to plan accordingly and wear your own shorts or wind pants. We do however have the jerseys which were shipped from Texas.


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We are excited to introduce YGametime! You will find Sports, Leagues and Schedules, along with other Y information, at your fingertips. It has many great features that were previously unavailable. This will give you, the coaches and parents of these great kids, the information you need instantly!

Branch Announcement


Be sure to sign up for Ygametime text alerts!
With extreme weather, stay up to date with your location!
We will update if any weather affects times,
click alertsignup at the top of the page to register.

Early Bird Registration
Branch Announcement

Early Bird Registration

Early bird registration begins Friday, September 1. Dont miss out on this opportunity to register for only $65. This will be the price for both members and program members. Early bird registration will not last long so get signed up today! For more information on the 2017/18 Jr NBA season please contact Ray Lantz at 815.885.6852 or [email protected]

Branch Announcement

Bitty Sports

2017 Fall Bitty Sports Class

Kids ages 3-5 will enjoy this program designed to introduce them to different sports. This hour-long class will feature sports like flag football, tee ball, bowling, basketball and floor hockey. Learn to play a different sport each session.

IDP-Mondays 9:00am-10:00am

NEB-Saturdays 9:00am-10:00am

Fall I-Flag Football

Fall II-Basketball

Winter I-Bowling

Please contact Taylor Kirk at IDP 815.489.1134 or [email protected]

Ray Lantz at NEB 815.885.6852 or [email protected]

Branch Announcement

Jr NBA Registration is in full swing!

Jr NBA registration will continue through November 24. Dont miss out on this opportunity to register. Registration fees are; $75 for members and $100 for program members. For more information on the 2017/18 Jr NBA season please contact Ray Lantz at 815.885.6852 or [email protected] You may also contact Taylor Kirk at 815-489-1134 or [email protected]

Winter Jr NBA
Branch Announcement

Winter Jr NBA

We have entered our final month of registration for the Winter Jr NBA! Registration is set to end November 24. You will not want to miss out on this excellent program that teaches life values as well as basketball moves. Registration fees are; $75 for members and $100 for program members. For more information on the 2017/18 Jr NBA season please contact Ray Lantz at 815.885.6852 or [email protected] You may also contact Taylor Kirk at 815-489-1134 or [email protected]

Branch Announcement

Coach & Parent Meeting(s)

We would like to remind everyone of some very important dates coming up.

End of registration
Friday, November 24

Coach meeting
Wednesday, November 29; 6pm at IDP YMCA

Parent meeting
Thursday, November 30; 6pm (3/4 and 5/6 year olds), 7pm 7/8 year olds) & 8pm (9/10 & 11/12 year olds) at IDP YMCA

Practices begin
Week of December 11

Games begin
Saturday, January 6

If you have any questions about registration, practice, coaching or games please contact Ray Lantz at [email protected] or Taylor Kirk at [email protected]

Branch Announcement

Coach Meeting

Just a reminder that we will be hosting the basketball coach meeting tonight at 6pm at IDP YMCA. If you plan on coaching please attend this very important meeting.

Thank you,

Branch Announcement

2017/18 Jr NBA


We are currently working on finalizing rosters and practices. As soon as we are complete we will have them go live on the website. Please also check your email as we plan on sending out links. We begin practices the week of December 11.

Thank you,

Branch Announcement


Practices are all set to begin the week of December 11. We are still looking for coaches for a few teams. We will do everything in our power to find a coach by Friday. If you are on a team that does not have a coach and would like to coach please let Ray or Taylor know. Game schedules will be posted to this website sometime next week. Please keep in mind that 3/4 year olds are instruction ONLY and will meet on Saturdays.

Branch Announcement

Monday December 11

All practices are on schedule tonight. Please allow yourself extra time to arrive.

Thank you,

Branch Announcement

Northeast Family Branch Practices

The Northeast Family YMCA will be having all practices as scheduled through your coaches. Monday the 1st practices will be held on Tuesday at the same times.

Thank you.

Branch Announcement

Basketball Games

Just a reminder that all games will begin this Saturday January 6 at IDP YMCA. The 3/4 year olds will meet at IDP YMCA at 9am for their first practice as well. You can find their game schedule ((all meeting times will be at 9am throughout the season)) in the 3/4 year old section under their team names. We look forward to a fun and exciting basketball season. Please remember that the HOME team will need to supply a scorekeeper. The HOME team is the team listed SECOND on the game schedule

Branch Announcement

All Practices Thursday 1/11/18 Cancelled

Because of bad weather the Rock River Family YMCA's (IDP and NEB) will not be having Jr. NBA practices. With severe weather expected in the area the decision was made to cancel tonights practices. Thank you and be safe!

Branch Announcement

Basketball Photo Schedule

Basketball Photo Schedule
Saturday, January 27, 2018

Time/Team/Camera #
8:30am 5/6 NEB Hawks #1
8:40am 3/4 IDP Sixers #1
8:50am 3/4 IDP Wizards #1
9:00am 5/6 IDP Bulls #2
9:00am 3/4 NEB T'Wolves #2
9:30am 5/6 NEB Mavs #1
9:40am 5/6 NEB Pacers #1
10:00am 5/6 IDP Magic #2
10:30am 5/6 NEB Thunder #1
10:40am 5/6 IDP Heat #1
11:00am 5/6 NEB Celtics #2
11:00am 5/6 IDP Raptors #2
11:30am 7/8 NEB Warriors #1
11:40am 7/8 NEB Grizzlies #1
12:00pm 7/8 IDP Blazers #2
12:00pm 7/8 IDP Kings #2
12:30pm 7/8 IDP Knicks #1
12:40pm 7/8 NEB Nets #1
1:00pm 7/8 NEB Hornets #2
1:00pm 7/8 NEB Suns #2
1:30pm 9/10 NEB Spurs #1
1:40pm 9/10 IDP T'Wolves #1
2:00pm 9/10 IDP Blazers #2
2:00pm 9/10 Iqra Thunder #2
2:30pm 9/10 NEB Bulls #1
2:40pm 9/10 NEB Nuggets #1
3:00pm 9/10 IDP Bucks #2
3:00pm 9/10 NEB Pistons #2
3:30pm 11/12 IDP Cavs #1
3:40pm 11/12 NEB Mavs #1
4:00pm 11/12 IDP Rockets #2
4:00pm 11/12 IDP Lakers #2

Branch Announcement

Monday February 5

As of 4:00pm, all basketball practices ARE ON SCHEDULE at BOTH locations. If anything shall change we will send out an alert and post to the announcement page.

Thank you,

Branch Announcement

Spring basketball registration

Just a reminder that registration for spring basketball will end Friday, February 23. Please make sure you get your player registered for our next round of Jr NBA. Returning players get $25 off if they return to the same team with the same jersey. For more information please contact Ray or Taylor. Ray can be reached at [email protected] and Taylor at [email protected]

Branch Announcement

Basketball Survey

Hello Jr. NBA families!

Thank you so much for a great winter season! We really enjoyed watching the youth of our YMCA grow in technical skills, personal confidence, and teamwork abilities! We can’t wait to watch their progress in the upcoming Jr. NBA season!

Registration for the Spring Jr. NBA season closes 2.23.18! It’s not too late to register and secure your spot on the team! Games start on March 17 and end on May 5! We have some special things planned for the Spring season you won’t want to miss! Click here to register today!

Please take some time to fill out a brief survey so we can better our program this upcoming season! We look forward to all of your feedback, as it is crucial for us to continue to provide you with the highest quality option for youth basketball programs.

Link to Survey:

Thank you & see you in March!