Quickly Build Schedules

YGAMETIME has developed a new and faster method for league building. Now your sports director can spend less time in a chair and more time on the field.

Tournament brackets

Add some competition to your leagues by adding a tournament to your season. Or host a stand alone tournament with your “rival” YCMA branch!

Multi-Branch Leagues

Do you have teams that play different branches in your area? You can now share leagues and teams easily from one branch to another at any point in time.

Roster Building

Want to import your data and automatically build rosters?  Want an easy drag and drop feature to move kids from one team to the next? YGAMETIME has you covered.

Calendar View

Calendar View gives you a “snapshot” of all your games on one page.  When the dreaded rainout occurs, no problem, you can see exactly when to reschedule.

Send Out alerts

Got a rainout or emergency? Use our alert system to contact anyone. You can send messages to the whole branch or just a specific league.

Upcoming Sports

Recruit for your next season this season. Our upcoming sports page informs your parents and athletes what’s to come and where they should sign up.

Preloaded Artwork

We’ve got artistic banners ready to help you promote your next season. If you find a sport we don’t have, just let us know and we’ll create it for free.

Choose Your Colors

Pick one of the 5 YMCA color themes to coordinate with your Y website. Our artwork is built to match whatever theme you choose.


Device Friendly
YGAMETIME can be viewed on an array of different devices and it does not require an app to operate, only an internet connection.


These features are just the beginning. We are constantly working to improve YGAMETIME. Adding enhancements based on direct feedback from who we consider the experts in the field, Y Sports Directors. We’re not just building this for the Y but with the Y.

Thousands of Y families and athletes are already experiencing the YGAMETIME difference. Y Sports Directors across the country are saving time and energy with a tool specifically designed for the YMCA. Contact us to see how together, we can build a better Y!



I cannot say enough positive things about YGAMETIME and the impact it has had on my program.  Over my ten years broad based experience in sports administration, this is one of the best organized, user friendly and visually appealing sporting event systems I have ever come across.  It is designed specifically for the Y and our members are reaping the benefits.  It has been a real pleasure to be a part of the first wave of YMCA’s using YGAMETIME and help in the building process, as I feel certain this will catch fire.
– Amber, Marshall & Steiner Branch Family Y


I will tell you that it cut down scheduling time by a lot. Where it used to take me an hour or two to make a schedule… YGAMETIME got that done for me in about 2 minutes. We have already started to promote our other programs through the website. Whether it be camp, healthy kids day, or anything else that is coming up… that alone will help our Y.
– Mike, Summit Area YMCA


We love many elements of YGAMETIME (it’s beautiful, mobile-friendly design, the easy scheduling capabilities, the upcoming sports feature)…it is helping us bring a much needed update to program participants and their families.
– Ginger, Ozark Regional YMCA

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