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Tiny tots T-ball Tue/Thu | 2021 Fall Tiny Tots Sports


Due to field conditions we will be canceling tonight's practice. We will resume practice next Tuesday night.

Tiny tots T-ball Tue/Thu | 2021 Fall Tiny Tots Sports

No game today 8/17/2021

We will not have a game today 8/17/2021. This is due to the weather outside and not having any gym space to have it inside today. We will make this game up on 8/26/2021

2020 Winter County Basketball

Picture Day-County Basketball

Picture day will be on March 7th for all County Teams. Please arrive a half hour early before your games scheduled time to take photos BEFORE your game begins.

Pictures then will be given on March 21st at the last game.

Tiny Tots Basketball | 2020 Winter Tiny Tots Sports

Tiny Tots Basketball

Parents: You can take as many photos as you would like while class is going on but please no videotaping during class. You can do this before and after the class is done if you would like. Thank You.

Tiny Tots Soccer | 2021 Fall Tiny Tots Sports


We will be holding tiny tots soccer inside today, due to the weather outside. Please come to the Flanagan Gym in the YMCA for soccer today.

Tiny Tots Soccer | 2021 Fall Tiny Tots Sports

Power out

We have lost power at the YMCA. We will not be able to continue with tiny tots soccer today. 3/20/21

Tiny Tots Soccer | 2021 Fall Tiny Tots Sports


We will be doing tiny tots soccer inside today. The field is still wet and with the cloud cover today we feel it will be nicer for the tiny athletes to play inside toady.

Multiple Leagues

No practice 5/8

We will not have Tiny tots T-ball practice today 5/8. The field conditions are too wet. We will see you on 5/15.

Branch Announcement

Toddler Open Gym Closures

2019- Make sure that you sign sign up for each season of open gym alerts. If something comes up and we have to cancel that is how you will know along with our announcement section. Reminder to sign up for Fall closures!

2020-Known Closures
Jan 10,17,24
April 10
May 1
May 29

Branch Announcement

Basketball Game Parent Reminders

Here are a couple of reminders for you tomorrow:

1. Any kiddo who is under the age of 12 needs to be accompanied by a parent in our buildling.

-Please do not drop off your kiddo by themselves at the front or back desk. Our staff team will not let the child go beyond that point until a parent shows up with them if it does happen.

2. Please have your kiddos use the restroom before the game begins and bring water bottles to the game. This helps with having to go to the bathroom during the game (which you would need to take them unless they are 12 or over) and helps with not having to go outside of the gym doors to get water. If your chid does need to use the restroom during the game and or use the water fountain please note that you will need to take them if they are under the age of 12.

-Please make sure you pick up any bottles and or trash after your childs game. There will be trash bins inside and outside of the gym. This helps with all of the games we are doing during the day and will be appreciated by our staff team.

3. Please share team #, game information and court number with grandparents, uncles, cousins and anyone else that is coming for your child so they have an idea of where to go when they come see your kiddo. This is a tremendous help to everyone involved.

4. Be supportive and positive of your child, the team, the coaches and the officials.

5. You may be asked to volunteer for the scoreboard. We will need help with this during the entire day and will show you how to do to this. (its really easy)

Branch Announcement

What makes youth sports fun for kids (Study)

A new study looks at what makes organized sports fun for kids, and some of the findings might surprise you.

"Our data indicate girls and boys are more similar than different when it comes to what makes playing sports fun," said Dr. Amanda J. Visek, an associate professor of exercise and nutrition sciences at the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health. "What counts most for girls and boys are things like 'trying your best,' 'working hard,' 'staying active,' and 'playing well together as a team.' These findings are the same for athletes at younger and older ages and across recreational and more competitive levels of play."

Visek's study is a follow-up to the original research she and her colleagues at the Milken Institute SPH previously conducted that engaged soccer players ages eight to 19 in concept mapping all of the determinants that make playing sports fun for players. The resultant maps, called FUN MAPS, uncovered 81 fun-determinants within 11 fun-factors.

This new study took a closer look at that data and found that, among the 81 determinants of fun, 'winning' ranked No. 40 in importance, scoring farther down on the list than many might have guessed.

At the same time, this study did find some small yet intriguing differences in fun priorities, depending on the age or gender of the young athletes.

For example, younger players reported it was more important to have a coach who allowed them to 'play different positions' than older players. This study's findings underscore other research that suggests younger players are more likely to benefit from this strategy compared to older, more developed athletes.

"Sport sampling -- allowing kids to play several different sports -- as well as the opportunity for kids, especially those at younger ages, to get experience playing all of the different positions within a sport, is important for their athletic development," Visek said.

To read the rest of the article go to:

Branch Announcement

Picture Day!- Billings Basketball

Picture day is set! If you are an even team your pictures will be taken on the 8th of February. Boulder, Harvest Church and Shepherd will be on taken on the 8th as well. Odd number teams, Beartooth, Eagle Cliffs and Huntley will be on February 15th. Pictures will be taken 30 minutes prior to the start of your game on your assigned picture day. Please make sure you arrive early that day to facilitate an easy and smooth picture day.

Branch Announcement

Canyon Creek Practice Feb 25th

They will have volleyball in the gym that day. So practice may not begin exactly at 6pm. They believe it will go fast so the delay might not be very long.