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Youth Volleyball Rules 2016 (1)

Basketball Rules

Thank you for trusting us to be a part of your child’s development. We take that responsibility seriously and do everything we can to continue earning your trust. We’ve created this section to provide you with general information about our Y employees, volunteer coaches, and refs. We also have some helpful tips to make your Y sport experience the best that it can be.


How are the coaches picked?

GREAT QUESTION!! All of our coaches are volunteers. Some of them are Y staff, some are parents helping coach their kids, while others are folks from the community who share the same Y values. ALL of our coaches go through a background check. Your child’s safety is our #1 priority.

How often is practice?

Typically our teams practice once or twice a week. We know your life is busy so most of those practices will last around 1 hour. We want to honor your time so we provide resources to the coaches to help make your season the best it can be.

Can I stay and watch practice?

Absolutely! We encourage it! As a matter of fact our teams are always looking for Assistant Coaches if you’re interested in helping :-)

What equipment will my child need?

At the beginning of each season you will receive information on what is “required equipment” as well as “recommended equipment”.  If you have any questions make sure to ask your Coach.

YMCA Behavior Policy

The YMCA reserves the right to warn,
suspend, expel, terminate any member,
guest, or program participant in the following

• Failure to follow YMCA behavior standards
or from violation of any other posted,
published or communicated rules or policies
at a YMCA branch or program/event.

• If a person has been convicted of any crime
involving sexual abuse, is or has been a
registered sex offender, has been convicted
of any offense relating to the use, sale,
possession, or transportation of narcotics
or habit forming and/or dangerous drugs,
or is presently or habitually under the influence
of dangerous drugs or chemicals,
narcotics, or intoxicating beverages.

• If a person requires an inordinate amount
of attention from the staff thereby causing
inadequate levels of supervision for the
remainder of the participants or members.

• If a person’s behavior is determined to be
inappropriate within the scope and spirit
of the YMCA values.

• For any reason within the discretion of
YMCA management.
Prohibited actions specifically include
but are not limited to:
• Unlawful, abusive, derogatory, harassing,
unwelcome and/or obscene language or
• Threats of harm, verbal abuse, physical
aggression, or violent acts.
• Physical Assault of an official, player,
coach, or spectator.
• Behavior which poses a direct threat to
themselves or others.
• Actions based on an individual’s sex,
race, ethnicity, age, religion, disability,
sexual orientation, or any other legally
protected status.

• Openly carrying or concealing of any
weapons, devices or objects which may
be used as a weapon at a YMCA location
or at a YMCA sponsored event or activity.

• Smoking, the use of tobacco, or the use
of products intended to mimic smoking or
tobacco products while in, on, or around
YMCA property, program, or events.

• Using or possessing alcohol or illegal
chemicals on YMCA property, in YMCA
vehicles, or at YMCA-sponsored programs/events.

• Theft or behavior that results in the destruction
or loss of property.

• Harassment/intimidation by words, gestures,
body language, or menacing behavior.

• Sexually explicit conversation or behavior.

• Unsafe, inappropriate, immodest, or sexually
revealing attire.

• Loitering within or on the grounds of the

• Accessing or permitting access to the
YMCA facility without signing-in.

• Using equipment for other than its intended
purposes or not following safety
instructions. Equipment orientations
are available to all members; YMCA staff
members are eager to be of assistance.

• If there is an incident during any game the
official and/or field supervisor shall report
the incident at the earliest possible
time to the Sports Director.

• The Sports Director shall review and investigate
the report(s) as submitted, and
upon proper investigation shall determine
the seriousness of the alleged incident in
a timely manner.

• While an incident is being reviewed, involved
parties may be temporarily suspended
to allow all parties to cool off and
ensure adequate time to reach a decision.

• The nature, degree and circumstances of
the behavior will be considered on a case
by case basis.

• The Sports Director has the right to warn,
suspend, expel, restrict or terminate a
person’s involvement with the YMCA.

• If one branch suspends/terminates a volunteer/contractor
the decision shall apply
to all Volusia Flagler YMCA
locations. For this reason, volunteers or
contracted officials who are suspended/
terminated will have a flag Do Not Return placed
on their volunteer/contractor file so other
YMCA branches do not utilize that
volunteer/contractor. Sport Director will
contact Risk Mngt. to place the DNR on
the volunteer/contractor file.

• If a parent or spectator is suspended/
terminated they will receive a written
notice, referencing the YMCA Behavior
Policy which will detail any restrictions to
the person’s involvement with the YMCA
and/or program.

Any person who has been suspended and/
or terminated may submit an appeal to the
YMCA Sports Director within two weeks of
the decision. Appeals should be delivered
to the Sports Director via email and will be
reviewed by the Sports POD to determine
if an appeal will be granted. If an appeal
is granted, the appeal will be heard by the
Association Sports POD, which may include
the Branch Executive and other YMCA


Helpful Tips

Here are some helpful tips to ensure you have a great season!

  1. Save the Coaches contact information and give them yours.
  2. Sign up for Weather and Emergency Text Alerts – We want to get you the right information at the right time. This is a great resource to help in that communication.
  3. Make sure your athlete has the equipment they need.
  4. Be on time – We want to honor your time and effort by providing the best quality sports experience we can, we need your help though. By showing up on time, ready to play, for practices and games it makes a world of difference. Picking up your athlete on time is a huge help to our coaches too. We understand that can’t happen every time. When those situations occur the best thing to do is notify the Coach via phone call or text.
  5. Make it FUN!! At the Y we encourage fair play, positive competition and family involvement. Every child gets to play so make sure to cheer loud!! (For both teams!)