Here are the rules for the Indian Land YMCA Flag Football League! Please feel free to refer to this at any time during the season for any questions or concerns!

Questions you may have regarding certain rules? See below!

Ages 7-12

1. Three cones are needed on the field: the First Cone is LOS, the Second cone is the encroachment zone (1 yd distance), and the third cone is the blitz cone (7 yd distance). This is for ages
2. QB can only run if he is being blitzed. Blitzer must pass the line of scrimmage before QB can take off. This means that QB Draws or any run plays that don’t have an exchange between the QB and another player are NOT permitted.
3. Blitzers must be behind the blitz cone to blitz. Anyone who blitzes before the blitz cone will get flagged for encroachment. This is not a dead-ball foul, meaning the play will still resume and the offense can either accept the 5-yard penalty or decline and accept the yards gained from the previous play.
4. 30 second play clock starts when the head ref sets the ball and signals the down. Once the ball is snapped, the QB has 7 secs to throw the ball. The head ref can either count out loud ( 1 Mississippi) or simply do a backcourt count from basketball (full arm extension from chest). Once 7 seconds is up, the play will be ruled over, and the next down will ensue.
5. Centers ARE eligible receivers
6. Reverses are allowed as long as the handoff is backwards; Motions are allowed as long as they are not going towards the line of scrimmage.
7. Kids play QB, not coaches
8. Try for Ones are PASS ONLY!