kennyKen Cardullo – Program Director

Fav Sport: Basketball/Football/Track & Field

Fav Team: New York Giants

Education: East Stroudsburg University ’10

Coaching Specialty: Basketball/Football

Why do you love working at the Y?: I love what the YMCA brings to the community. My favorite thing to do is coach and help younger kids improve on their skills



Brian Marcinczyk

Fav Sport: Baseball

Fav Team: New York Yankees

Education: Coastal Carolina ’14

Coaching Specialty: Baseball/Football

Why do you love working at the Y?: I love to be around and work with kids and adults from different backgrounds with different ability levels.



Noah Fishbein

Fav Sport: Basketball

Fav Team: Brooklyn Nets

Education: Rider ’19

Coaching Specialty: Basketball

Why do you love working at the Y?: It’s a lot of fun to be around the kids, and to come to work and do something different and exciting every day.



Jose Martinez

Fav Sport: Soccer

Fav Team: Dallas Cowboys

Education: Rutgers ’07

Coaching Specialty: Soccer

Why do you love working at the Y?: I really enjoy teaching the sport that I love to kids in our community. I love the atmosphere at the Y, no day at work ever feels like a day at work.