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Toddler Open Gym | 2018 Winter Gymnastics/Tiny Tumblers

No Open Gym Today 2-22-18

No toddler open gym today on 2-22-18.

Branch Announcement

County Basketball Picture Day

K-2nd will be Feb 24th at Elder Grove
3rd through 4th will be on March 3rd location TBD.

For all photos please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your schedule game time to get your individual and team photos done prior to your teams game starts. We need to make sure that games start on time.

We will give photo packets out at games this Saturday.

Multiple Leagues

County Basketball No Practice Dates

Elder Grove: Feb 12 and March 12th

These dates are unavailable for practices. If need a practice at a different time during that day please email me at [email protected] and I will see what I can do for you to get a different time.


Branch Announcement

Toddler Open Gym Closures 2018

Feb 8/9
March 29/30
May 4
June 1

Branch Announcement

Gymnastics Canceled Clasess

Just for this session
Tiny Tigers on Fridays 9:15am
Tiny Cubs on Tuesday 9:15am
Tiny Zebras on Tuesdays 11:15am
Tiny Cubs on Monday 9:15am
Acrobatic Gymnastics on Monday
Rhythmic Gymnastics on Fridays.

Branch Announcement

Billings Winter Youth Basketball

Practice Notification! Tuesday, February 20.... We will still have practice tonight here at the Y. All Boulder Elem. teams will NOT have practice because of the school closures today.

Picture Day! Even # teams Feb. 10. Odd # teams Feb. 17. Pics will be taken upstairs in the racquetball court area after your child's game. Picture packets distributed at practice and available on those Saturdays as well.

First game day in the books! Please remember to check Ygametime.com for game schedules, program alerts, and announcements.

Game schedules have been released. Team jerseys will be distributed this Saturday before your child's game starts.

Practices started last week! Check your email for coach's information, practice location/day and time reminders, along with any other pertinent program information. Contact Paul at 406-294-1625 with questions or concerns. Thank you for being a part of the Y's winter youth basketball program. Be safe and have fun!

Branch Announcement

County Basketball Rules Sheet

YMCA County Basketball Rules

GAME START– The official will flip a coin for possession (or they may use the one two method) to start the game. The 3rd-4th grade games will start with a jump ball. K-2 with start with coin toss or one two method and possession will begin out of bounds. Official and coaches can match players up at the beginning of each quarter and during substitutions at 3 or 4 minute mark. After the game starts, no other jump balls for the remainder of the game.

ONE–ON-ONE DEFENSE MUST BE PLAYED- No zone defense allowed. The players should learn the basic skills of one-on-one defense. Double teaming is not allowed (this can happen when playing help defense for the 3rd/4th grade level, the player who is the help defender must return to the player they were guarding once the original defender is back on their man). Please teach this to your players. Players on opposing teams are matched by equal ability and size. No full court press, players must pass half court before defenders can begin defense. Once half court is passed defenders can follow ball. No moving screens or hard picks. Set screen and make sure your player goes back to the player they originally were guarding.

LENGTH OF GAME – Each game shall consist of four, eight minute quarters with a running clock for 1st-4th grade. For Kindergarten you will have four 6 minute quarters. The clock is only stopped for time outs. Each team is allowed one timeout per half. There will be a 3 minute half time. There is no over time.

BASKETBALL SIZE – A junior size basketball will be used for all grades. 3/4th grade will play with a 28.5 basketball. Games balls provided by the YMCA.

FREE THROWS- There will be no free throws for Kindergarten through 2nd grade.

FOULS –K-2nd fouls, stop play, explain foul. Same thing goes for 3-4, except free throws will be shot on shooting fouls and we will ask players if they know what they did. If they don’t we will let them know and if its happening with both teams we will stop the game to explain to both teams.

*Stealing will be permitted in the 3rd-4th grade level, BUT with close attention to fouls. No slapping at the ball.
3rd- 4th grade SHOOTING FOULS- Players may go into the lane once the ball has hit the rim.

THREE - SECOND LANE VIOLATIONS -Lane violations will be watched and warning will
be given for 3rd and 4th grade. If violation is continuous whistle will be blown and will result in loss of possession.

PLAYING TIME – Each player gets to play at least one full quarter in each half of every game. No player plays the whole game. Each player is required to sit out one complete quarter each game when possible. If you have more than 10 please manage as best as you can. I know its tough.

SHOT BLOCKING – Shot blocking will not be allowed for any age . The idea is to give everyone a chance to score no matter skill level or grade level. Hands straight up on defense. Please teach this to your players, especially to taller players this is already their advantage.

SPORTMANSHIP – If the referee witnesses any acts of elbowing, cheap shots, or any unsportsmanlike act, the game will be stopped and the player will be ejected from the game. Remember as volunteers you are the best example for this.

UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDCT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Officials have the right to determine if there is use of offensive language by players, coaches, or spectators. Offensive language is speech that is distasteful, hateful or repugnant directed towards officials, opposing players, teams or spectators. If the language occurs, the referee will give a verbal warning, and if continued the player, coach or spectator will be ejected from the game and must leave facility immediately. Sometimes officials cannot hear things that are being said from parents to coaches. If you’re a witness to this during the game please let our staff know asap even if that means we (the officials) have to stop the game to chat with you.

FOLLOWING THE GAME – Each coach will have His/her players line up behind them in order to shake hands and congratulate each member of the opposing team.