Welcome to the Coaches Corner for YGametime. Thank you for giving your time and effort to help build local athletes, it’s no easy job – but it always comes with great reward. Whether coaching kids or adults, you are an instructor and a leader.  Check back often as we update this page to provide resources to help you be the best coach.

If you are not already a volunteer coach, but are interested in volunteering for any youth sports programs that we offer you have found the right place.  We will need you to fill out our volunteer application and a background check prior to volunteering for us.  If you are a previous volunteer,you do not need to fill out the volunteer application, but you will need to fill out the background check.

All coaches must take the Heads Up Concussion course found here.  Parents we encourage you to take this as well.  It will provide you detailed information on the signs, symptoms and prevention of concussions.  Here is a cheat sheet facts form from Heads Up Concussion.

You may also visit American Academy of Neurology concussion toolkit by clicking here and you may click here for a quick facts sheet from them.  They are an outstanding resource for anything related to sports and concussions.

For older teams, here is a concussion guide for teens to read through. The information is written by a teen for other teens; regardless the information is still good for them to read over or for teams to read over together at practice: Concussion Guide for Teens by a Teen

Basketball Resources (being revamped)

Playing Time (How to manage that)

County Basketball Rules

(Rules will download to your computer)

How to teach defense: