Thank you for trusting us to be a part of your child’s development. We take that responsibility seriously and do everything we can to continue earning your trust. We’ve created this section to provide you with general information about our Y employees, volunteer coaches, and refs. We also have some helpful tips to make your Y sport experience the best that it can be.


How do I register?
Registration can be completed at the Member Services desk at the Lakeland Family YMCA.

Does my child have to be a Y member to participate?
Your child does not have to be a Y member to participate, but you will pay our full program rate. Our members get a discount off the full amount.
What is included in the program fee?
A jersey for your child and an end of the season award.
Will I need to purchase any additional equipment in order for my child to participate?
  • Flag Football: Cleats and possibly mouth guard depending on age.
  • Soccer: Shin guards (mandatory) and soccer socks.
  • Basketball: Athletic shorts and non-scuff shoes
  • Volleyball: Athletic shorts and knee pads are mandatory

What if I can’t afford the program fee? Does the Y offer financial assistance?
Yes, the Y does offer financial assistance. You can find out more information by visiting our membership desk.

How many days a week will my child practice? What day will he/she practice?

  • 3-4: Practice/Play on Saturdays. 20 minutes
  • 5-6: Practice/Play on Saturdays 20 minutes
  • 7-8: Practice for an hour a week
  • 9-10: Practice for an hour a week
  • 11-12: Practice for an hour a week
  • 13-15 : Practice for an hour a week

Where will my child practice and play games?

  • Indoor Soccer: Main Gym for games. Some practices may be held in the Youth and Family Gym.
  • Flag Football: Practices and Games will be held at the Lakeland Family YMCA on our Program fields.
  • Basketball: Practices will be held at the Lakeland Family YMCA. Games will be held at the Lakeland Family YMCA. 13-15 Games will be on Friday evenings. All other age groups will be on Saturday mornings.
Can I request to have my child’s practice on a specific weekday?
Yes you can. While you are registering, you will see a request box. There you will find what weekday will work best for you and your schedule.
How many games are there during the season? When are they played?
There is a minimum of 8 games per season. The games will be played on Saturdays. (unless stated differently on the flyer) Ages 13-15 basketball games will be on Friday evenings. All other age groups will be on Saturday mornings.
How will I receive information about practices, games and any changes during the season?
E-MAIL. Please make sure you print legibly on the form. If you need more info, you may contact our sports department.

How will I know if a practice or a game is canceled?
Check your EMAIL 1 hour before your practice/game.

Who is my child’s coach?
Your child’s coach is a volunteer or YMCA staff person who has received a training guide and a background check.Can I coach my child’s team?
Yes you can coach your child’s team.

What training do coaches receive from the Y?
Every coach takes the YMCA coach training course (45 minutes). YMCA Youth Sports eLearning 
There will be a Coaches’ Meeting before every season. We will discuss the rules, expectations, and Child Abuse Prevention. New coaches will interview with a sports staff member.Is there an awards ceremony or banquet?
Awards are given out at the end of your team’s game by the coaches.

Helpful Tips

Here are some helpful tips to ensure you have a great season!

  1. Save the Coaches contact information and give them yours.
  2. Sign up for Weather and Emergency Text Alerts – We want to get you the right information at the right time. This is a great resource to help in that communication.
  3. Make sure your athlete has the equipment they need.
  4. Be on time – We want to honor your time and effort by providing the best quality sports experience we can, we need your help though. By showing up on time, ready to play, for practices and games it makes a world of difference. Picking up your athlete on time is a huge help to our coaches too. We understand that can’t happen every time. When those situations occur the best thing to do is notify the Coach via phone call or text.
  5. Make it FUN!! At the Y we encourage fair play, positive competition and family involvement. Every child gets to play so make sure to cheer loud!! (For both teams!)