Welcome to the Coaches Corner for YGametime. Thank you for giving your time and effort to help build local athletes, it’s no easy job – but it always comes with great reward. Whether coaching kids or adults, you are an instructor and a leader.

Whether you are a returning volunteer coach, or just starting, below you will find important information on how to get started and how to have a successful sports season.

Coaches Meetings:
The Spring Sports Coaches/Referee Meeting will be held at the Rogue Valley Family YMCA on April 1st at 10:00 AM.

Team Information:
This information will be given out during the coach’s meeting.

Once you have your team information, please be sure to contact your team before the first scheduled practice to introduce yourself and give them details about practice days, times, and locations.

Please be sure to contact all of your team before April 10th. If you are struggling to contact anyone, please contact the Sports Director for assistance.

Supplies will be made for you and will be ready for you at the Coach’s meeting at the main YMCA building. After the coach’s meeting, all equipment can be picked up at the YMCA during normal operating hours.

At the end of the season, please leave all equipment will the referees at the last game.

Practice Information:
Please be sure to indicate what days and times you are available to coach clearly. Within the online volunteer registration, you will be asked to provide this information.

Once teams have been made and rosters have been given out, practice information can be found on your roster under the “Notes” section. If you do not see any practice information, or it says “TBD”, please contact the Sports Director ASAP.

Make sure to take note of practice details such as “Waiting on District Approval*”, Approved*”, “No practice on…”, or “Makeup practice on…”.

Make sure you do not begin your practices until you have been emailed a roster that states “Approved*” in the notes.

Possible Gyms for Practices:

  • Abe Lincoln Elementary (Medford)
  • Wilson Elementary (Medford)
  • Oak Grove Elementary (Medford)
  • Lone Pine Elementary (Medford)
  • Jacksonville Elementary (Medford)
  • Jefferson Elementary (Medford)
  • Griffin Creek Elementary (Medford)
  • Kennedy Elementary (Medford)
  • Washington Elementary (Medford)
  • Outback Elementary (Eagle Point)
  • Little Butte Elementary (Eagle Point)

Game Schedules:
The game/meet schedules will be posted a week before the first game/meet. Please be sure to communicate with the Sports Director about any conflicts that you foresee for Saturdays between 9 AM and 5:30 PM.

End of Season Party:
We have partnered with Abby’s Pizza again to provide an end-of-season pizza party for all of the teams. Certificates for each team will be delivered during the second to last game by the referees (unless otherwise noted by the Sports Director).

Volunteer Applications:
If you have not already, please be sure to fill out a Volunteer Application (which can be found here). Please be sure to put your preferred practice time, day, and location.

Background Checks:
All volunteer coaches must be background-checked before the start of practices. Once you have registered to Volunteer online, please keep an eye out for an email from BIB (Background Investigation Bureau). This email will include a link to complete your background check. Make sure this is done as soon as possible.

Four Core Values:
Our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.

We do this by connecting positive adult role models (such as yourself) who can teach and demonstrate the four core values (i.e.Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility) to youth within the community.

  • Caring – Show a sincere concern for others.
  • Honesty – Be truthful in what you say and do.
  • Respect – Follow the golden rule.
  • Responsibility – Be accountable for your actions.

One-On-One Policy:
We at the YMCA are adamant about the safety of youth, volunteers, and staff. Therefore, we have an organizational-wide rule of never being left alone one-on-one with youth at any point in time. This rule does not apply to youth who are your own child. This is to ensure the safety of everyone and if not followed, may result in the dismissal of the volunteer position.

Team Photos:
We will be partnering with a local photography business owned by Tim Tidball. Team and individual photos will be taken on on game days throughout the sports season.

A picture schedule will be made and posted before the first game of the season.

Game Rotations:
Basketball player rotation chart – click here
Football player rotation chart – click here
Volleyball player rotation chart – click here
Equal Playing Time Calculator – click here

Sports Rules:
Flag Football Rules – can be found here
Volleyball Rules – can be found here
Basketball Rules – can be found here
Soccer Rules – can be found here

Sample Practice Outline:
Here is a simple outline of how to outline practices Sample Practice Outline

Sports Director’s 10:
Here is a list of 10 tips, tricks, and tools compiled by the Sports Director to help you be successful with coaching Sports Directors 10

Sports Director Contact Information:
Malcom (Mac) Archambault
Office: 541-772-6295 x 126
Cell: 541-601-9429
Email: [email protected]

Stay Informed:
Please be sure to visit the “Announcements” page here as that will have the most up-to-date information and dates for the current sports season.

Ask for Help:
If in doubt, ask for help. Ask for the help of your players, your parents, and the Sports Director. Amazing things can happen when one seeks the aid of others.

If a player is ever injured, please provide basic first-aid that you are comfortable with and that is within your level of training. First-aid kits will be provided at games, and upon request can be provided in your sports supplies for practices.

Most minor player bumps/scrapes can be solved with some cold water and soap and some time to rest off to the side of practice/game. With minor bumps/scrapes, you can simply tell the player that they can rest until they would like to come back to practice/game.

It is always recommended to communicate any injuries with parents/guardians, even if very minor.

If any player is suspected to have had a head injury (i.e. possible concussion), they should be removed from practice/game and their parent/guardian must be informed.

In case of serious life-threatening injury, contact 911 and the parents/guardians immediately.

Concussion Training:
Due to Max’s and Jenna’s Laws within the state of Oregon, annual training must be done on concussions.

We will conduct a training for concussions at the Coaches Meeting.

There is a free CDC Headsup Concussion training that one may take (if one is not able to attend the Coaches Meeting or if one so chooses to do so). If one chooses to take the CDC Headsup course, please be sure to give the Sports Director the certificate of completion. The link for that free training can be found here

Behavioral Issues:
If there is a player exhibiting negative behavior, please ask for help or advice from the parent and be sure to reach out to the Sports Director. The Sports Director has resources that they can provide.

Black & white reversible YMCA jerseys can be purchased at Cascade Athletic (2930 Biddle Rd, Medford, OR 97504)

A Note On COVID-19:
The Rogue Valley Family YMCA is doing its part to ensure the safety of everyone by following all of the required guidelines for COVID-19. Additionally, we do our part to respect and follow the guidelines/requirements of our community partners.

At this point in time, the Rogue Valley Family YMCA does not require volunteers or staff to be vaccinated or wear masks.